Carbon Winches New Models for 2017 - 9500lb performance winch and 4500lb ATV / Trailer winch

Carbon Winches New Models for 2017 - 9500lb performance winch and 4500lb ATV / Trailer winch - Carbon Offroad

Carbon Winches New Models for 2017 - 9500lb performance winch and 4500lb ATV / Trailer winch

Author: Daniel K  Date Posted:11 October 2017 

Carbon Winches Australia - New Model Releases. 


KPD Industries, owners of Carbon Winches Australia are proud to cater for the growing demand of the 4wd and dual cab markets, and have released the CW-95P 9500lb version of their very popular CW-12K 12000lb model. The new 9500lb winches meets the ingress protection standard of IP67 for full consumer confidence in using the winch in all conditions, as well as ongoing protection from the elements when not in use.


The gear ratio is a very nimble 158:1 3 stage planetary gear set fully electroplated for high corrosion resistance with a 6.2HP series wound electric motor which includes electroplated brush assembly and motor magnets again for long term reliability against corrosion damage.


All 4x4 electric low mounts winches now include a winch motor breather kit including push fit swivel airline fittings, 3 metres of airline, mounting bracket and self tapping mounting bolt and brass porous breather fitting. This allows the winch motor to pressure equalise in any condition without risk of damaging sealing unit.


The winch suits dual cab utes and light duty touring wagons or those 4wders who are looking for a more performance orientated winch package for driving in more challenging terrain. They also allow a customer to comply with the requirements of some bullbars which specify a maximum winch capacity of 10000lb. Fully sealed, 5 year water ingress and electrical warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty we also carry the full range of spare parts and service items to help the end user keep their winch in excellent condition.


For the ATV, UTV, Quad bike and Trailer winch users, Carbon Winches have also released a 4500lb compact winch with synthetic rope or wire cable options. Suitable for anyone from a farmer straining fences to pulling calves, to an offroad UTV hunting rig helping to get SXS and quad bikes out of trouble. With a 176:1 steel planetary gearsets and a 1.9HP permanent magnet sealed motor along with a handlebar rocker switch or wireless remote including in the kit, it’s suitable for a variety of application.


Carbon Winches Australia provide huge value to the market with and aftersales support which is unmatched. For trade distribution inquiries please contact or 1300 780 153. 

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