Carbon Tank 20000lb Truck Winch Kit IP68 24V

$1,975.00 $2,172.50 -10% OFF

SKU: CW-TK20-24V

Carbon Tank 20000lb Truck Winch Kit IP68 24V

$1,975.00 $2,172.50 -10% OFF

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The Carbon Offroad TANK 20000lb electric winch is a force to be reckoned with. 


A new generation of winches joins the Carbon Offroad line up. TANK is synonymous for indestructible, bulletproof and powerful, which is just what this winch is. TANK is also associated with heavy, which is something this winch is not! 

We understand that building the ultimate offroad rig often requires a lot of time, effort and additional parts once it comes off the factory floor, and this all adds weight. The capability to self recover a vehicle is generally high on the list of priorities for most overlanding and touring journey people, as most of the time, solo travel is the reality. In the past, this generally required a winch with steel cable and a heavy steel bullbar to carry it, but in todays market, there are smarter options and this includes the winches. Yes you can still buy a cheap heavy winch made from castings of solid steel if you like that sort of thing, but technology has improved, materials have improved and this has led to a winch being designed and built like the TANK. Billet alloys machined on CNC mills, alloy castings make up the gearbox housings and main frames of the winch, critical components such as the winch drum are still made from steel, but this winch also features an aesthetic quality that is almost unmatched in the market. If you truly appreciate good design, the TANK will impress with it's sexy lines, solid cast alloy control box and solid alloy fairlead. 

One of the most notable requirements of modern winches is that a winch must be waterproof. The TANK winch features a system unseen before in the winch market. The winch motor and drum frame mount are assembled as one unit at the factory, then it undergoes real life pressure leak testing to 20PSI on a custom made jig specially designed for this test, simulating the same pressure as a depth of 14 metres underwater!  It must pass this test before moving further down the assembly line. We guarantee this winch will not see water out of the box. 

Aside from the motor side, the gearbox housing also features a two stage mechanical and rubber o-ring sealing system which will ensure that part of the winch is also 100% sealed from water ingress to IP69K levels. 

Other functions of the winch remain similar to our other winches, utilising a rotating ring gear free spool clutch assembly, 4 stage planetary gear train made from solid cut and hardened gear steel, with the gear train being oversize and similar to our Scout Pro Extreme Duty winches. It also features a gear train connected braking system which mitigates any heat build up on the drum which could cause damage to the winch rope. 

The control box can be mounted over the drum directly into the threaded holes in the tie bars or over the motor with supplied mounting brackets, it can also be mounted remotely flush onto a bar or there is an optional remote mounting bracket available separately. 

The Tank 20000lb come in both 12 volt and 24 volt configurations allowing fitment on large 4x4s through to trucks running 24 volt systems. With a single line pull capacity over 9 tonne, you can be sure this winch will perform when no other option exists to extract your vehicle from a sticky situation. 


What is in the box: 

  • 1 x Tank winch with synthetic rope
  • 1 x control box kit complete with cables
  • 1 x battery earth cable
  • 1 x 2 in 1 wireless remote control with plug in cable backup
  • 1 x Alloy fairlead - standard offset
  • 1 x Forged Alloy hook with mounting pin and split pin
  • 1 x Mounting Bolt kit including separate fairlead mounting bolts
  • 1 x control box "over motor" mounting bracket pair
  • 1 x bolt kit for control box mounting
  • 1 x rotary battery isolator switch
  • 1 x battery isolator connecting cable 30cm
  • 1 x battery isolator mounting bracket
  • 1 x hook safety strap
  • 1 x instruction manual 



  • Rated Pulling Power: 20,000lb (9072kg)
  • Power: 12V DC or 24V DC (separate website listings) 
  • Motor: 7.8HP Series Wound intermittent duty cycle
  • Cabling: 25mm2 conduited cable with terminated lugs
  • Hand Control: 2 in 1 rechargeable wireless or plug in wired loom -(spare battery included)
  • IP Rating: IP68 - Motor unit pressure tested to 20psi
  • Hook: High strength forged alloy wide gate hook
  • Control box: Premium Cast alloy compact design for over motor or over drum fitment with 600amp solenoid and inbuilt wireless receiver. 
  • Isolator: Heavy duty marine rotary style isolator with mounting bracket
  • Winch Housing: Cast and precision machined alloy
  • Gear Train: 440:1 Ratio 4 stage planetary gearset
  • Clutch: Rotating ring gear clutch - easy engagement and disengagement
  • Synthetic rope: 21mm of 14mm diameter UHMWPE fibre
  • Mounting bolt pattern: industry standard 254mm x 114.3mm (10 x 4.5 inch) 
  • Drum Diameter: 88mm
  • Battery: 650CCA minimum vehicle battery size for winching. 
  • Weight: 
    • Shipping Carton Weight: 37KG
    • As fitted to vehicle:  33.4kg


Rated Line Pull:

  • 1st layer of drum: 20000lb (9072kg) / Between 16-21m rope out
  • 2nd layer of drum: 16216lb (7371kg) / Between 11-16m rope out
  • 3rd layer of drum: 13636lb (6198kg) / Between 1-11m rope out


  • Line pull 0kg
    • Speed: 16.4ft/min - 5m/min
    • Amp Draw: 85 amp
  • Line pull 6000lb / 2721kg
    • Speed: 7.4ft/min - 2.25m/min
    • Amp Draw: 185 amp
  • Line pull 10000lb / 4563kg
    • Speed: 5.1ft/min - 1.55m/min
    • Amp Draw: 275 amp
  • Line pull 15000lb / 6803kg
    • Speed: 3.3ft/min - 1.0m/min
    • Amp Draw: 425 amp
  • Line pull 20000lb / 9072kg
    • Speed: 2.62ft/min - 0.8m/min
    • Amp Draw: 430 amp


Warranty is Limited Lifetime Geartrain / 5 Year Electrical. Designed for Australian and international conditions. 

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